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After enjoying the holiday seasons and the brand New Year comes around and my mind quickly centers onto tax season. Tax months are that dreaded time of year I don't enjoy whatsoever. Despite the fact that we are really not poor, we certainly are not rich either, and I have discovered that being in the middle class is not always a benefit. For starters, we never are eligible for any of the low income programs to assist with healthcare, etc. But we don’t make a great deal of income that we do have difficulty here and there. Both my spouse and I presently work full time jobs, and basically live from payday to payday with very little to spare. And we are okay with that since we get to enjoy all of the simple comforts of life and have some spending cash to enjoy as well. So we are ok with our present income though we certainly wouldn't complain about having more money!
Therefore back to the feared tax season discussion, in past years I swear we often ended up paying out more taxes. This was due to the fact that my husband did a lot of side work that had to be taken into account. For the first few years of our married life I ambitiously tried to process our own taxes on my own using respected computer tax preparation software. I would tediously spend several hours and days at it reviewing every single minute detail again and again to make sure that I'd entered all of our expenditures properly. Seriously, looking back now I see that I was entirely nuts in trying to do them myself and likely made several errors. A long time later I finally wised up and I wish I'd have done it so much sooner. 
A few years ago I was talking about the issue with a friend about how much I absolutely hated tax season and she mentioned to me that she had a fantastic accountant. I had thought about employing an accountant before then discovered the amount of money they charged and decided that we could not afford it. We had also tried using a couple of the less expensive tax preparation companies and we were never ever happy with the results. But she was very adamant in recommending him and said that his fees were very reasonable so I hesitantly booked an appointment with him. Before our appointment with my friend’s accountant, my friend suggested I check out their website at so I would know exactly what services they offered. This actually helped to qualm my doubts and I was impressed with their overall reputation and appearance. 
Our visit to my friend’s accountant was even more positive and we were very pleased and happy because we were ultimately able to get a refund. In addition, the financial advisor was really skilled and knowledgeable at what he did that he was speedily in a position to detect some errors made from previous tax years and also file amendments for us. Since then, we've gone back to this same accountancy firm every year and he has saved us a lot of money. I no more fear tax season and have suggested my accountancy firm to many friends and family members. For more information on the services which they offer check out